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sorry but that’s the worst bharatanatyam i’ve seen in my entire fucking life. like damn…zero passion in it. and uhh that might be the most awful aramandi i’ve ever seen. 

i need to pray that shiva erases this experience from my brain because that poor aramandi and that AWFUL travesty she calls dancing will haunt me in my sleep this is scarier than chandramukhi

It speaks a lot about the rasika who can appreciate a dancer’s sincerity. There’s a certain passion an adult has to have for weekly Bharatanatyam class, in addition to a full time job and other commitments. You clearly can’t recognize a dancer’s earnest effort. Her guru was proud enough of her to post this video on his YouTube channel.

The tags infuriate me though: “#at least chandramukhi was a phenomenal dancer #this is just white mediocrity pining for some attention and compliments #please quit bharatanatyam and go back to awkwardly gyrating at coachella this hurts my soul too mcuh”

Your negativity has no place in Bharatanatyam. Do not defile our art with your ridiculous pc tumblr slactivism. Go back to ranting about bindi appropriation.

OMG What is happening!!!!

I mean come on,

she is trying and if she is dedicated she will get better

(this video was uploaded 5 years ago, who know what type of dancer she is now) :) 

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